City Survival

With the growing concerns of city survival and not knowing. Do not fall pray to the snake oil salesman, that will try to sell you “dehydrated water”. This may sound funny, but there is one out there, that wants to take advantage of any one they can. Want proof, well you are here aren’t you? If you trusted people in general than you would not need any survival extras or knowledge. You would just trust in your fellow neighbor to help you through, if there was an event that took us to the edge.
Threw out this I will leave links to some very helpful information. I have done the research and walked the miles looking for the best and most useful information.
Some of the information sounds like we are preparing for the zombie apocalypse, but in fact a persons very survival could be on the line.

Please remember that the information here is for research and you must research all the information yourself to make sure it is legal to own or use where ever it is you dwell. Different city’s have ordinances on animals, buildings, gardening, etc.. you have to read the laws pertaining to your own situation.

A detailed report and access to all areas can be obtained by subscribing to my site, however if you want to do all the digging, I will have all the information listed for city survival listed here.